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Saturday, January 29, 2011


Now onto some experimental prog rock. This is a 5 piece band with 3 guys and 2 girls, they are named after an extinct type of shark, and they are pretty awesome. I have always loved prog rock and these guys do it well. Their music builds up over the course of their songs into something really amazing. The music starts off in a really light way, yet every minute or so the song becomes a little more complex. The guitars are fabulous, they start of with nice light riffs before breaking into an insane loud riff driven section of the song. There are also some pretty nice guitar solos that help make the music awesome. The solos are probably my favorite part, invoking the power of Pink Floyd. The bass and drums come together to form a hard hitting rhythm section. They use a synth pretty well and it really helps to compliment their music. The vocals are also pretty good, they have a female lead singer which adds a bit of a different feel to the music. She has a strong voice and can do a lot with her voice. The lyrics are very good and rather powerful. Overall this is a pretty nice band with quite a few good sounds.

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