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Saturday, January 29, 2011

In Oceans

4 more reviews to go then I can play guitar. Right so this is a band called In Oceans with a cool sound, that seems pretty unique to me. There are some really cool riffs on this album and lots of experimentation. I think it is pretty darn cool to listen to the fusion of styles on this album, from punk, to classical to heavy metal. The guitars are pretty amazing, there are two and they both play some really cool things and make some really good sounds. They layer on top of each other to provide a lot of power to the music, I think it is fairly well done. The bass does not come through a lot but it does help the drums with the rhythm. The drums are high powered and do a great job at keeping the beat. The biggest issue with this recording was the vocals, they are not terrible but they're not great either. They are redeemed by some pretty nice lyrics though. But still the vocals need some improving, but still they show good potential. All in all this is apretty good band that needs to clean up their vocals so that they can be awesome.

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