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Saturday, January 29, 2011

Hollow Ascension

Its the morning and I have no life. So guess what time it is! Time to get through these 8 or 9 last reviews. So I'm covering an unsigned band called Hollow Ascension, and they are amazing. The rock in every possible way, their music is just one big loud powerful orgy of awesomeness. Everything about their music screams amazing death metal. They balance lighter guitar parts and heavier parts, they also have clean vocals as well as death growls. The guitar is amazing, it is riffing and powerful and helps to create an awesome vibe and sound. In addition the guitarist is insanely talented and plays some crack a lackin guitar solos. The bass is decent when it comes through, it mostly strengthens the riffs not getting much fillage. The drums are amazingly high powered and rock really hard. The vocals are a balance of good clean vocals, and AMAZING death growls. The screams produced by the lead singer are fabulous. The lyrics are pretty ark and pure death metal. I think these guys are a spectacular band, give them a listen.

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  1. Hey man, really appreciate the review. This is Tyson from Hollow Ascension (Vocals and guitar.) Glad you enjoyed the music.