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Saturday, January 29, 2011

Arcane Saints

MOAR UNSIGNED REVIEWS! Now I'm reviewing a band called Arcane Saints, which frankly is a pretty awesome name. They balance patches of light and dark, however there light is exceptionally light and their dark is pretty dark. Still it creates an awesome vibe. There are lighter, almost poppish parts, which actually sound good. Then there are the amazing heavy parts. Overall this album creates a great sound. The guitar often uses the pedal, it balances the loudness of the heavy parts, where it takes on an alt rock feel, with the lightness of the poppish parts. The guitarist is a master of different genres, from pop, to hard rock, to death metal. The most impressive thing about this album is the evolution from a light song to a burning death metal song. The bass is ok, getting in a couple of good fills and teaming up with the drums to make a great rhythm section. The vocals are very impressive, clean they are powerful and like those of M Shadows, then there are the death growls which are also pretty impressive. All in all these guys rock and they have a very impressive sound.
OVERALL 9.5/10

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