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Sunday, January 23, 2011

Icarus Falling

So now the latest band that I am covering is called Icarus Falling. (Kudos on the nice band name). They have a really really good sound, They are a Canadian band and they have a really powerful Hardcore sound. The guitar is amazingly fast and powerful, it has a great sound, a combination of thrash and death metal. In general the guitars do their job perfectly. The lead has soaring solos that make for a great sound. Then the rhythm just keeps the music going. The bass is perfectly in sync with the rhythm guitar and together they work very well creating an impressive balance of sound. The drums are fast and furious and powerful and also very impressive. The vocals ARE AMAZING, they have both really impressive death growls and then spectacular clean parts. The lyrics are also pretty dark and powerful and I like them. Listening to this album reminds me of the first A7x album. There is an amazing combination of death growl vocals and clean vocals. I think the only piece of advice i could give these guys is to follow a more clean vocalled route. I think that like A7x they will find that as they are right now they are awesome, but with cleaner vocals they will be great.


  1. I think these guys have a ton of potential, and the songs sounded very natural and well made. I think that they successfully accomplished the "classical" sound that bands like morbid angel go for, with tons of groove and some fantastic basslines (not something I usually notice). The guitar is melodic and "technical" without abuse of the sweep picking gimmick that a band like obscura abuses. My only issue is that the clean vocals are a bit whiny, and i say that with the most respect for the vocalist, the black metal/death metal screams are excellent. I just feel like if Icarus Falling decided to improve the recording equipment or get signed they could refine their style to a phenomenal CD.

  2. I must say, this was a nice surprise. It's funny you mention it, we're headed toward cleaner vocals, so keep yourself posted

    You might find a few of our lyrics floating around my blog
    Really glad you enjoyed them