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Sunday, January 23, 2011

Wreck Plus

So I got the word out and now I have quite a few unsigned people to review. To keep it fair I think all unsigned people will get about 150 or so words unless they are really good.

So today I'm covering a band from my hometown of Paris they are called Wreck Plus. It's a 4 man heavy metal group that has major thrash influences. Wreck Plus is just starting to break through, they will release an album this year. They are very similar to thrash metal in style but they have enough pure heavy metal to qualify them as a heavy metal group. They sound something like Megadeth to be honest. They have a really good guitarist who can play most stuff with no issues. He is powerful and fast and makes some really cool riffs. The bands bassist is also pretty good, he strengthens the riffs a lot and gets a couple of nice fills. The drums are also high powered and fast, and very Megadeth-like in nature, aka, awesome. My only issue with this band is the lead singer. He is average at best and mediocre at worst. Now don't get me wrong, he's perfectly fine, I have heard worse, he just lacks a special power that might make him amazing. I think that if he injects some more passion and power into his vocals he could be truly great. The lyrics of the band are also pretty good, covering some interesting themes. Overall I think these guys are pretty good, you might like them. Check them out here
OVERALL 7.5/10


  1. I actually kind of like the lead singer, if he refined his singing style a bit from "shouting" to more fully fledged singing, the rough tone to his voice would actually compliment the band really well, sort of like five finger death punch's lead singer on "war is the answer", specifically, "bad company". The guitar and bass work is fantastic though, and the drums are average. 8/10

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