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Friday, January 21, 2011

Iron Fist-Motorhead

 This is a classic album from one of the greatest of the metal bands. Iron Fist is often considered to be one of the top Motorhead albums ever recorded. This album shows everything that Motorhead is about, really hard thrash and speed metal. Even if Motorhead will not admit it that is what they are. The instruments are incredible, the guitar has some spectacular parts, in particular the solos are amazing. The drums and bass also have their own fair share of air time. The vocals are pure Motorhead, with Lemmy barking out his lyrics, lyrics that are usually dark and violent. Interestingly though there is some cleaner Lemmy singing on this album as well. This is really amazing heavy metal with all sorts of intricacies that make this the world's hardest and possibly best power trio.
The guitar is amazing. There are spectacular solos and really powerful power chord riffs that hearken back to Jimmy Hendrix and early Led Zeppelin. The guitar has some really cool riffs in the solos as well. Practically every song has a solo and every single one of the solos is amazing and can blow your head off. The solos build up nicely and create a really nice atmosphere and sound which fly around the album. It feels almost GNR like, when you really get down into the riffs. The riffs are really well complimented by Lemmy's bass which gets a lot of nice powerful fills that make the music very powerful and satisfying. The bass fills up the music remarkably well. The drums are high powered and are also very intricate and awesome. These are all nicely complimented by Lemmy's singing and lyrics.
The vocals are pure Lemmy. However seeing as no other band really imitates Lemmy all Motorhead singing can be considered to be pure Lemmy. Anyway, Lemmy barks out his lyrics and provides a dark and powerful feel to the music that makes the music sound a lot heavier than it originally was. Lemmy has a great voice for making a metal band sound heavier, but the song really needs too be written for his unique voice. The lyrics are usually angry and try to describe the anger that Lemmy feels. However other songs are about love or violence, or both in the same song. All in all the vocals are very good, being unique and purely Motorhead, the lyrics are very dark and interesting.
All in all this is an excellent album that really embodies everything that Motorhead stands for. It fuses punk and heavy metal and it is just great to listen to. I like this album because it is hard and loud and bold. The instruments have amazing parts, most notably the guitar, which is loud powerful and awesome. The bass also has good lines and makes a tight rhythm section with the drums. The vocals are excellent and classic Lemmy Kilmeister. The lyrics are dark and angry and often punk-like. This is an awesome album which has all sorts of great music and awesome sounds that just come together to create a true piece of art. The best track is probably Iron Fist, however most of the songs are good.

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