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Saturday, January 15, 2011

Powerslave-Iron Maiden

 It's been to long since this blog has been graced by the glory of Iron Maiden so today we are covering one of their top albums, Powerslave. This album features several Maiden classics, in particular, Aces High and Powerslave. This is one of the great Maiden albums, this is one of the albums that defined what Iron Maiden was all about. There are awesome high powered guitar parts with some spectacular riffs, and skillful bass bits coming from the bass guitar of Harris. The drums of Nicko McBrain are awesome as ever. The vocals that come from Dickinson's vocal chords are simply mind blowing, I have rarely heard anything this good. This is one of Maiden's top albums featuring one of their best line-ups ever.
The guitar on this album is mind blowing, simply mind blowing. This was definitely the peak of the Dave Murray-Adrian Smith duo, here they come out as two brother gods, showing off their skills for thousands of worshipers. When you think that Maiden has dual lead guitar with 2 guys who are at least as good as Jeff Beck you have to pause. The music created by those two guitars is amazing. They have a series of spectacular riffs that define the songs, these riffs are powerful and dominant. On this album they produced a riff which goes down in most Top 10 Riff lists with their riff in Aces High, which sets a tone for the whole album. The bass of Harris is awesome as usual getting a lot of nice fills . Nicko McBrain (did you know McBrain is his birth name?) does an awesome job on drums as usual.
The vocals are simply awesome. Dickinson can belt it out like few others. The stength in his voice can only be matched by an early Robert Plant, and a young Freddy Mercury. However, while his voice is not as flawless as theirs, it is still pretty awesome. Dickinson creates these amazing sounds with his voice, often being able to have moments of both light and dark in his singing, usually it goes from lighter singing to darker singing but on the last track Rime of the Ancient Mariner he flips back and forth. Unfortunately though unlike their later stuff the songs off this album rarely start out with a somber introduction. The lyrics are awesome, setting the tone for all Iron Maiden, they are deep and powerful. For me Iron Maiden will always have the best lyrics of any band, there is just so much to each individual piece. (Except for Losfer Words of course).
Overall this is an awesome album that features some Iron Maiden classics. There are some awesome riffs on this album that help to define Maiden for the rest of time. I think that the guitar on this album is spectacular and powerful, featuring both amazing ostenatos and brilliant high powered guitar solos. The other instruments are given their share as well, Harris has his nice bass fills as usual and the drums are really nice sounding to McBrain drives the music on with his powerful bass drum. The vocals are spectacular, bulging with raw power and energy. The lyrics are deep and full of meaning like on any good Maiden album. My favorite song off this album is Aces High and then Power Slave. This is a great album with high replay value and I would recommend to any metal head.

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