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Friday, January 28, 2011

Joseph Allen White

Now I'm stepping back from the heavier stuff and playing a pretty nice folk and country type album. This guys has got an indy album out but I feel that he is worth a review anyway. He creates these beautiful and catchy riffs that make this album sound really good. This album has a really great vibe and really, really, well done. The guitar is mostly chord based but it is light and catchy, in a kind of upbeat Simon & Garfunkel way. What makes these technically simple guitar parts awesome is how catchy they are and how they make the music sound nice and beautiful and awesome. This guy does more with chords than many a signed man. The drums, the only other instrument, are pretty high powered and add a lot of flavor to the music and make the music upbeat feeling. The vocals are also excellent, they provide a nice sound. Joseph White is a fabulous singer. His lyrics are also very good, they are beautiful sad and morning. This is the kind of stuff that should be on the radio. This stuff is great.

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