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Friday, January 28, 2011


First off, cool band name, second, you should buy their album. Circafinity has near universal appeal across the metal genres. Underneath the psychedelic keyboards/riffs there are hard rock influences with a really awesome guitar tone and good synths/keyboard, sounds like a keyboard to me, so kudos on going the harder route. The drums do what they're supposed to, I was a bit disappointed when comparing the drums with everything else, they seemed to lack the diversity and psychadelic-ness that the rest of the album did. Personally, I also wasn't a huge fan of the "chatter" going on at the end of snake eyes symphony, some bands like to do that sort of thing, but personally, I feel like it takes away from the rest of the song, not a reason not to purchase the album, you'll just need to change the end time in itunes if that sort of thing bothers you. My only other criticism is that the recording quality could be better, but thats part of being unsigned. In general though, cool synths and riffs (should) make this album appealing to alt rock listeners, good riffs should make this album appealing to classic metal / hard rock fans, and the overall package should appeal to technical metal enthusiasts.

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