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Saturday, January 22, 2011


 So today I am reviewing an up and coming band called KnightQueste. They call themselves experimenters in 'Medieval Power Metal'. Essentially they are power metal with a lot of fantasy themes in their lyrics. Just an FYI I can not name drop anybody as I don't know what instruments the guys play. From what I hear, they are basically power metal however with a LOT more piano, however there pianist is very skilled and he helps make the music rock. He creates some nice riffs and dominates the music. Here the guitar helps the keyboard rather than it being the other way around. The instrumental parts on this album are awesome with a really great fantasy feel. Then there are the vocals which combine both NWOBHM as well as power metal influences to create an awesome sound. The lyrics are pretty fantasy based and fun to listen to. This is a great up and coming band who you should really listen to.
The keyboards are really good. They add a really interesting feel to the music that allows them to experiment with things that most other bands can never try because they have no keyboardist. The keyboard sound makes the band unique. It has a strong fantasy influence and it paints a mythic image of knights and castles and lords and ladies. Also the piano has really cool solos, enough said. The guitars mostly come through to provide strength to the music as well as a power metal feel and they do that really well. The bass is decent but with no real fills. The drums are loud and awesome and create great sounds. Overall the music created by these guys is simply awesome.
The vocals are really nice to. They have a very strong bardic feel. Sometimes I feel as if I am listening to Bruce Dickinson the lead singer is just that good. With him the band can go really far and change power metal. He has an alto voice I think and it helps to paint a really good image of castles and knights. It works very well in conjunction with the piano. The lyrics are very fantasy inspired. To understand the lyrics you have to think about the most fantasy inspired songs by Maiden, and thats the average song from these guys, in short the lyrics ARE AWESOME FOR FANTASY LOVERS, like me. The vocals and lyrics help make an awesome sound.
I'm writing this review to benefit those awesome guys making the music at KnightQueste, hopefully they can get a few listeners from this blog. I am writing this because they have great sound I want them to become popular. This band has great music. It changes power metal completely with its mystical piano sound that really adds to the middle ages feel. The guitars are loud and heavy and bass forms a tight rhythm section with the drums. The vocals are awesome and Bruce Dickinsonish they have awesome fantasy lyrics as well. I like all of the 4 songs that they have out and can't wait for an album. Here have a link to their Facebook page-
OVERALL 8.5/10

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  1. 6.5/10, they sound like every other big name in power/glam metal, pretty much finding the middle ground between children of bodoms guitar tone and scaling riffs/mini solos and hammerfall's "bardic" as you called it, sound. I like it, and they do a good job, but its just not terribly original, if they tried to develop their sound to be more innovative, I would definitely look into them.