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Saturday, January 22, 2011

The Mirroring Shadow - Miseration

This album is pretty crazy, I've referred to other albums as melo-death or technical death metal when they had death metal influences and were particularly melodic/technical (I'll usually go one way or another depending on tempo), but this album is completely different. I suppose, that I would consider this to be an unbelievably technical death metal cd, why? It simply does not have the same sound to it that melodic death metal or technical death has to it, as much as unadulterated, heavy, death metal, just played with soloing the likes of which transcend death metal standards. Typically, drums don't "speak to me", but the drum work here puts decapitated to shame at the best of times, and is on par with behemoth the rest of the time, its REALLY good.

(keeping this one short because it would be too repetitive e.g. "new, amazing guitar work with great groove and drumming, solid vocals, and some fantastic riffs, not repetitive". It would look like the same thing over and over, no matter how diverse sounding this album is.)

I think i've stressed it enough already, but this album is darn good, and does not sound cliche in the least, it feels very natural, and you should own it. My only gripe is a couple songs seem to be the slightest bit sloppy, but they're good nonetheless.


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