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Friday, January 28, 2011

Long Shot

Well now I'm covering a really cool punk/alt rock band called Long Shot. They have an amazing sound, that is slightly more complicated than punk, so they are alt rock with heavy punk influences and they ROCK. I can not believe that such a good band turned up on my search for unsigned bands, they perfectly embody modern punk. This band is really great. The guitar is talented and beautiful. Well actually, it does not feature complicated guitar parts, just ones that create an amazing sound and vibe, there are some incredible sounds coming off these guys work. Due to their having 2 guitars they can get a pretty good sound. The bass also helps a lot, it has a nice feel and helps the music. The drums are heavy and powerful and pretty darn cool. I like the instrumentals on this album a lot, they rock. The best part about this band is the vocals, they are really good, they remind me of Billie Joe Armstrong. In particular their second track Breakdown invokes a real Green Day feel. The lyrics are pretty Green Day like and very punk styled. I think these guys create an amazing punk rock feel and I really am amazed that a band this good can be unsigned.
listen to the coolness

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