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Thursday, January 27, 2011


 Wow... As soon as I turned this Pete guy I knew that he would rock like Zakk Wylde, partially because of his really cool profile pic, but also because of what was blaring out of my speakers. I was hearing some really insane heavy metal. This guy is 100% heavy metal and he is blaringly loud and awesome. He is basically an unsigned Zakk Wylde with a different vocal style. The composition of the musical scores is amazing. He creates these incredible sounds and riffs on his guitar that make me love him. The guitar solos are also pretty amazing. Really this guy is the indie embodiment of Zakk Wylde, aka he is really awesome. The drums and bass are very good . In particular the drums are powerful His vocals however are not the greatest. While they are very good they do not create an aura of power like those of Wylde. They are a weird Lemmy type thing however there seems to be more of a death growl influence, still they are pretty decent. The lyrics are dark and angry like any good heavy metal and he rocks them hard. My only advice for this guy is to somehow work his vocals so that they fit a little better with the music. All in all this guy is a hard rocking king of unsigned metal, with his band and a record deal he could go really far.
OVERALL 8.75/10

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