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Thursday, January 27, 2011

Drawing Mountains

 Now I'm reviewing what is essentially an Indie band, they fall into my unsigned category because they are signed with a tiny record label. They have an interesting sound that is a combination of both lighter acoustic music along with heavier electric guitar stuff. Its really cool to hear the juxtaposition between the gentle acoustic bits and the hard rocking metal parts. They are something of an alt rock band. There are two guitars on some tracks, one is an electric guitar that provides some really loud metal bits that make for a great sound. It has some really hard riffs that create a great vibe. The acoustic lies underneath this heavy guitar and makes an amazing contrast between dark and light. The bass also has some nice fills that compliment the guitar parts. The drums are light and also very nice to listen to. But they can become hard and amazing as well. The vocals are very nice as well. They are soft and beautiful they are just really good to listen to and help make this band make good. I hope that when these guys finish their album I am given the honor to review it as they experiment with a really nice new soft and hard sound.

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