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Wednesday, February 2, 2011


 Today I am sick, thus I can catch up with reviews! So I am reviewing a band called Gate XIII, possibly the coolest band name ever. And they full back up their band name with a sound that is just fantastic. They have a really weird contrast between the screaming guitars that have some great solos and the extremely odd vocals of the lead singer. The guitars are huge, they create really amazing heavy metal sounding riffs and soar through the music. In short, the guitars are awesome. The bass is good, teaming up with the drums to create a nice heavy metal feel. The vocals are extremely.. experimental. I can not decide if I enjoy the vocals or if I hate them. They are in direct contrast with the guitars, where the guitars are really good and hard the singing is like, that lady behind you in church with the really good voice. So on these songs the voice does not seem to fit however it creates a very good and unique sound. In addition to the normal vocals there are some decent death growls. The lyrics are dark and awesome. All in all this is a good band with a weird but awesome sound.
OVERALL 7.5/10

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