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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Captured By Gravity

YAY ANOTHER ONE!! Captured By Gravity is my latest pick out of the review thread. They have an awesome guitar sound that is simply headbang worthy at times. However they are not afraid to experiment with a lighter sound and their lighter stuff is equally good as their guitar explosions. They have an interesting way of fusing lighter synth type music with hard blaring guitars going on in the backgrounds of their pieces. Some of the solos are pretty impressive though. The guitar is very good, but it is typically rather simple in composition. Still it adds a nice feel to the music. The bass rarely comes through mostly teaming with the drums to create a good rhythm section. In fact one of the best parts of this band is the drummer, the drums are really good and have a great feel making for some good music. The vocals are light and gentle, it is the lighter songs that feature more prominent vocals. Overall the lyrics are deep and thoughtful and pretty good. My only issue with this band is that they should get a male death growl type guy to help add to the music and give the genres this band does a better feel.
OVERALL 7.5/10

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