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Friday, February 11, 2011

Dark Matter

 Right so the first review of the night is of a band called Dark Matter. They have 3 points going for them before I have even heard their music (the internet is being a slow nub). The guy called me a lad, he said cheers, and his band name is awesome. Mostly just because I like astrophysics but still, its awesome. They take riff driven rock and combine it with an interesting form of singing, that is almost spoken. These two things combine to create an awesome feel and give the music a great tone. The guitar has a lot of riffs and adds a really nice heavy metal sound to the music and just makes the music seem really awesome and powerful. There are really nice pauses in the guitar playing that allow for the vocals to have a lot more power, its like Jack White, only more dramatic. The bass is pretty good teaming up with the drums to create a nice groove. The drums are really powerful and hard rocking and I like them a lot. The vocals are interesting, they are kind of spoken but they have a bit of tonality and a bit of a death growl feel at times. At other times they are a bit James Hetfield like. They add a really nice feel to the music, adding a bit of a thrash kinda feel but in all honesty they are nothing to scream about. All in all this is a pretty good band with interesting lead singing that both defines the band and limits its sound. I would recommend listening to them.
OVERALL 7.5/10

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