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Friday, February 11, 2011

Mirrors of Obsidian

 I am reviewing a band called Mirrors of Obsidian, and boy are they some lucky fellows. They got Dan Swano to produce them! However I do not think anybody can resent them because their awesome sound shows that they totally deserve it. Also they chose a cool band name so they get kudos there too. Another great thing they did was upload some of their tabs to their website, which is just a cool thing to do if you're a musician. They take modern metal and just add that feeling of 'buzz' that makes the music click and become something that you could listen to for days on end. However unlike many bands that have an awesome buzz they also have great technical skill. In particular the guitars are very strong. The guitars have a lot of really nice riffs that drive the music along and give a bit of a thrash and death metal feel. Then there are the really cool solos that make the music have so much power and depth that it becomes a powerful and unique thing. These guys just have a lot of power in their guitars. The bass also has amazingly fast riffs that create some great sounds. The drums are fast and awesome as all modern metal drummers should be, however at times it seems like they are playing nigh on identical riffs for long periods. The singing is really good, it combines death growls and clean singing along with the occasional super auto-tuned singing, together these styles create an amazing sound and a vibe that you just can not beat. Wow, these guys rock.
OVERALL 9.5/10

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