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Saturday, February 5, 2011

Ghost of Gaia

Ghost of Gaia is not for you if you don't like core. Riffs feel sluggish and poorly timed; screaming "CORE" louder than just about anything I've ever heard. There are not words to describe it, its just "core riffing". Oh, and being a core band, Ghost of Gaia uses breakdowns, which sometime I might call a sin against music, completely breaking up the flow of things, but in this case not so much. Yes, I have praised bands that are staler than this, but they chose influences that don't suck all the way to the core. It seems like the technical riffs are devoid of any of the elements that make them technical in the first place. A handful of breakdowns sound like less skilled, slowed down versions of chelsea grin breakdowns (as in i could pull some chelsea grin up, go into audacity, increase the tone a bit, and slow down the tempo, and come out with something that sounds 90% like what Ghost of Gaia put out). Everything that is "original" has no "br00tality" about it, its just boring; and often sounds amateurish like they don't *quite* know how to play their own songs. The drums sound frequently out of step with everything else, making them either sound erratic, or making everything else sound slow and sleepy. The vocals don't seem to have any emotion, but they aren't pig squeals and there isnt too much gang singing? Bass is doing whatever it does in the background, it sounds like a single note is being plucked. In addition to what I mentioned, you will find all sorts of other irritating deathcore / metalcore elements that completely fail in and of themselves. 2/10

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