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Saturday, February 5, 2011

This Is Spinal Tap

 'This one goes up to 11'. That is but one of the many legendary quotes from This is Spinal Tap. There is nothing bad about this movie it is just 100% brilliant rock and roll stupidity. Everything that you want in a comedy is here, there are stupid characters, stupid lines and a stupid plot altogether creating a really dumb but hilarious piece. The plot is reasonable, it is humorous and generic, but it makes fun of generic plots so it's okay. Then there's the comedy, which is just brilliant, the writers manage to combine a lot of different elements to make a movie that any metalhead no matter how goth has to laugh at. The plot on its own is really ridiculous as well.
The plot is very basic. At its bare bones there is a band that has been together for 17ish years, they are called Spinal Tap. They have 2 brilliant musicians at their core, Nigel and Dave, they are describes as 'fire and ice' and the bassist tries to achieve balance between them. Their most recent 6 albums have been poorly received and are mocked in the heavy metal world. They are touring trying to promote their most recent release however they manage to sufficiently aggravate their manager that he quits, and then Nigel quits. It looks like the end for Spinal Tap, to find out what happens you'll have to see the movie.
The humor is what makes the movie so perfect. There are jokes referencing classic rock across the board. David's girlfriend is like Yoko Ono. David acts like Robert Plant, and the bassist is a knock off Geezer Butler. So yes there are many humorous things involving characters stereotypes however there are also some very funny bits coming from some of the lines in the movie like 'This one goes up to 11'. The third thing they do is they show what would happen if a gigs set failed to work. They also have a drummer die every year, in parody of Keith Moon and John Bonham. In addition they have had 37 band members over the course of their career.
Overall this is a hilarious movie that anybody who is into heavy metal would love. Actually most people who are into heavy metal have scene this movie and they all love it. This is a movie made by metalheads for metalheads makiing fun of metalheads. It shows us what we want to see, a funny group of guys trying to make it and not accepting that they are a washed up rock band, its just hilarious. There is a good and funny plot that creates a good vibe and in addition the jokes are totally brilliant. This is is a movie that is awesome both in concept and in execution and so I have to love it a lot. WATCH THIS MOVIE!

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