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Friday, February 18, 2011

Glory to the Brave-Hammerfall

 Okay, so I decided that this week would be power metal week. Also I will bet at my grandparents so you will be getting one review a day till Friday folks. The rip off with their song The Dragon is crying and they don't stop roaring. On their debut Hammerfall straight away shows themselves to be a formidable power metal group. They have soaring powerful riffs and a lot of technical skill. The guitar is powerful and possibly the best part of this album, however the bass and drums are also incredible. The singing is spectacular and provides exactly the feel that this music needs. The lyrics also are extremely good. They are mostly fantasy based.
The guitar is very loud, powerful and filled to the max with awesome riffage. If you want an album oozing metal riffage this is for you, every song has multiple colossal riffs and they create a truly beautiful sound. One of the greatest things about the guitar is that it balances harder speed metal type riffs with good symphonic metal parts. Essentially the guitarists of Hammerfall create a very nice sound by finding balance between symphonic metal and speed metal. The guitar has so many good solos you almost want to curl up in a ball in awe of the awesomeness that is Hammerfall. The bass is also very good, sometimes getting amazing fills and other times just getting a great groove on. The drums are fantastic, the drummer is at least as skilled as Nicko McBrain of Iron Maiden. The instrumentalists on this album combine to create a spectacular tone that you have to love.
The vocals on this album are beautiful, they create a level of power and sound that is seldom heard on an album. Joacim Cans has a voice that has a certain power to it, a power similar to that of Bruce Dickinson. However the main difference between the two of them is that Cans has a higher pitched and cleaner voice. This allows Hammerfall to have a unique sound. All in all the vocals on this album are some of the best that I have heard in a while. The lyrics are equally good, they are beautiful and powerful. While they are primarily fantasy influenced they can cover a variety of topics. One of the best parts of the lyrics is the sing a long feel that you can often get on this album. The combination of Cans voice and the catchy lyrics allows for you to sing a long (loudly) with the music.
Overall this is an awesome album with so much going for it you almost want to scream. For me everything about this album rocks and it should be like, required listening. The guitar is spectacular unleashing some super extreme riffage, the bass is excellent getting in some awesome fills and otherwise just finding the groove, and the drums are wonderful, adding such a great feel to the music that one has to kneel in awe. This album has wonderful vocals courtesy of Joacim Cans, who is gifted with one of the best voice in heavy metal, and his lyrics make his music all the better. All in all this is a fantastic band with an awesome sound, they have everything that makes a metal band great.

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