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Friday, February 18, 2011

Parsons Band

Now I'm reviewing a band with a really nice heavy metal sound. Before I continue I would like to say that they have a demo CD out and I can;t link to their stuff. Anyway, they are an instrumental band and they have a really awesome tone. The production is spot on, it just works. The music is basically composed of a guitar and some drums. This creates a simple but amazingly awesome sound. The guitar is roaring and powerful and creates a beautiful tone that I really like. It has a lot of influences, but the guitarist seems to be mostly into thrash type metal. He does thrash exceptionally well and he can come up with a lot of great riffs on the spot, the sound here is just fantastic. The drums re incredible. They are fairly basic but they create some great sounds. My Polish friend Konrad is an amazing drummer but he only uses simple fills, he is the one who showed me that you can do a lot with next to nothing. And doing a lot with a little is what this drummer does. He has an AMAZING sound and he is great at locking in with the guitarist. However sometimes the music is a bit to simple and it loses some power. If this band wants to get better they probably should get a bassist. Overall they rock and I really like them.

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