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Saturday, February 5, 2011


Heartsease is somewhere between post grunge and nu metal, either genre gets more crap than it deserves. Yes, there are some terrible musicians in either genre (nickelback, korn, limp bizkit, some dope) but some bands (slipknot's later stuff, breaking benjamin's early material, and three days grace's eponymous album, spineshank, mushroomhead) are actually pretty good. Heartsease falls into the latter party with Godsmack coming to mind as the band they sound most like. Quiet, subdued verses with almost tribal accents pair with strong, heavy choruses to produce something that is completely listenable. Its a bit conventional, but it sounds like Heartsease are going their own direction with things. The choruses might not be the most metal, but the riffs for the most part sound heavy, with an almost thrash like sound at points. The guitar tone on the solos is probably the highlight of the guitar, and it sounds amazing the way they work the solo in to feel a bit "masked". The drums follow a predictable path, without any really cool fills or anything to break up monotony. The bass sounds like the bass for most of the other bands of this genre, trapt comes to mind. The vocals are really the only element that deviates from "about average", sounding wavering, shaky, and a bit undeveloped when the vocalist tries to really belt anything out; and it doesn't sound deliberate. Everywhere else, the vocals sound clear and consistent though, which fortunately means that nothing gets detracted from the quieter verses. Heartsease isn't for you if your one of the heavily anti nu-metal individuals, but for the most part, the instruments are done well enough to justify listening, so long as you don't own godsmack / trapt's full discography, in which case, it'll be like crossing the two. Execution was about average and the originality was lacking.

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