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Sunday, February 6, 2011

Seeds of Corruption

 So now I am reviewing a band called Seeds of Corruption they have an impressive sound. However before I get started on this review I would just like to say to ALL metal bands STOP NAMING SONGS THE GOD THAT FAILED OR SOME DERIVATIVE OF THAT. Anyway moving on. They have an interesting sound because they essentially take thrash metal and give it more of a death metal feel. In essence these guys make a harder version of thrash metal. The guitars are loud powerful and angry, and thus really cool. They have a lot of impressive riffs that are loud angry and full of that heavy metal might. There are also some insane solos that take me back to the early days of Metallica. Another thing reminding me of early Metallica is the great bassist in this band, he has quite a few nice fills. The drums are also excellent, they typically are very good but sometimes they are a little to much. The vocals are excellent, they sound a but like those of Lemmy but they are also a bit harder, kind of a little bit below Morbid Angel. Essentially these growls are a little lighter than normal growls but they are amazing and help create an amazing sound. The vocals are dark and angry and often kind of satanic. The lyrics are well thought out and well done though.
OVERALL 9.5/10

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