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Saturday, February 26, 2011

Leadership by Assault

So now I am getting back to you unsigned guys, (sorry bout the wait). Now for the record Leadership by Assault is a pretty cool band name. These guys can pretty much be described as Pop Punk (I still find that term oxymoronic but whatever) and they have a sound that can best be described as varied. They are primarily light but they have some harder bits, it creates a nice sound. The band that they most remind me of is Velvet Underground. Not just because of their guitar work, which is occasionally quiet, but moreover their main vocalist. The guitar work on this album is pretty nice, on the acoustic pieces they have a very Velvet Underground type sound, with their soft feminine vocals. On their harder songs they sound like a combination of Rage Against the Machine and Velvet Underground. The lead guitar has the occasional awesome riff but typically the music is power chord based. The drums are hard but not anything extremely special. The vocals are what make this band good. When it is a simple acoustic track the singer does a amazing job of conjuring up a 60s feel and I think that is where the band shines best. When the drummer chimes in to sing with Zack De La Rocha type vocals there is a good contrast in the song but it is not nearly as good, not because the drummer is a bad singer but just because it does not fit the band that well. I would advise this band to pursue their lighter Velvet Underground sound, mostly because its just plain awesome.
OVERALL 7.5/10

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