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Saturday, February 26, 2011

Now I am reviewing a band called Forever Road, they describe themselves as 'Rock with a country edge' that seems to perfectly describe them. They have all the good bits of country music combined with the good things from rock. Their band logo thing is pretty cool too. They are fairly light but sometimes they will use distortion and rapid bass drumming. They have good guitar work, and they have decent country style drums, finally the vocals are pretty awesome. The guitar is good but also plain, it is composed of chords, lots of chords, in essence the guitar takes the same part here that it does in most country music. It helps to provide an atmosphere but it does not shine. The drums have a similar feel, they are there pretty much solely to provide atmosphere, they are not asked to show off in any way. Admittedly while these two are used less than they might in a real rock band they are used more than they would be in a country band. The vocals are very good, they are strong but not scary. They exude confidence and an aura of respect. However, sometimes this aura seems a bit wrong for the sadder songs. There are a couple lyrical themes here the main one is broken heartedness. The lyrics are typically well done and enjoyable. Overall this is a band that does a great job combining rock and country and is decent everywhere else.

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