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Thursday, February 3, 2011


Lyluth produces original enough tech-death with a good bar of quality. The vocals are the most striking element that needs to be addressed. The vocals are the stalest part of the songs Lyluth puts out, for the most part being comprised of bland, dry screaming. However, in the song "narcotic" at 1:57, there are some really great, powerful growls, which don't fix the almost death-core esque screaming, but they definitely show that Lyluth's vocalist has plenty of ability. If, Lyluth were to use this vocal style between 1/3 and 2/3 of the time, their songs would sound heavier and more resounding. Riffs are almost danceable, they do everything you;d expect a tech death riff to do but somehow seem different about it. Plenty of fast scales, which aren't terribly difficult, but they sound decent in moderation (Lyluth uses them just a bit too much). Rhythm guitar has tons of groove and heaviness about it, and an almost apocalyptic sound. The bass has  very metallic sound to it, but it feels like its much more rhythm focused than anything of the instruments. Finally, the drums sound really good, frequently changing patterns and executing drum fills. Lyluth does seem to be a bit more blast beat focused than desirable though. While Lyluth could be more innovative, and there are some production issues, Lyluth's music is very much worth listening to.

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  1. I love this band. Ive seen them live dosens of times and thay ALWAYS put on the sickest performances. I have even seen them draw better attention than the headliners. No, the vocals arnt the greatest but their is much worse out there. These guys go hard. \m/