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Thursday, February 3, 2011


For once, Katabasis is an unsigned death metal band. These guys only have one song up right now, but its definitely worth listening to. The vocal style reminds me very much of George Fischer of Cannibal Corpse, just not quite as good, and when the vocals are left solo, they sound like they lack some control. The guitar riffs sound an awful lot like a more refined version of cannibal corpse that gives a crap whether you can clearly make out individual notes. The solo is prolonged and played in a style similar to that of a slowed down version of Nile. The drums manage to avoid abusing blast beats, and keep the tempo well, but I didnt hear more than that. Finally the bass (speaking of which, the intro to "at the mountains of madness" can damage your speakers/ headphones) has a nice metallic, lo-fi sound to it, and for the most part holds up well compared with the guitar. If the riffs were a little more exciting and intense, and Katabasis's sound weren't so heavily derived from CC's, I would receive it a bit better, not that you shouldn't look it up, just that you shouldn't be surprised if you think its a B side from a cannibal corpse album that is quite possibly better than the A-sides.

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