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Saturday, February 5, 2011

Mob Rules-Black Sabbath

 I'm too tired today to to do unsigned metal, I stayed up all last night, if I feel better later then maybe I'll do some. Anyway right now I am covering Black Sabbath, and not just any Black Sabbath, Dio's Black Sabbath, so it is completely awesome and powerful and cool and yay! This is just a classic heavy metal album and a classic Dio album, this is the album that proved that Dio would be a fixture in heavy metal forever. The guitar is powerful and bold. However Iommi experiments with faster and stronger riffs on this album as opposed to his crunchier and slower riffs off earlier albums. The bass is good as always, Geezer Butler remains rocks solid, even with a new drummer in Vinny Appice. Appice does a good job at the kit with some nice fills. Then of course Dio has the best voice of the 80's so theres no challenging that.
Iommi continually proves himself as one of the greatest guitarists of the age on this album. Every song that he writes has an amazing riff powering it, I think that following this method could result in the release of a lot more awesome music. Iommi loses the slower feel of some of his earlier works in favor for a louder and more distorted sound. He also has solos that still have a bit of a blues feel, but they are now much more heavy metal in style. The bass of Geezer Butler is powerful and helps drive the music along, it has a powerful feel and creates a great sound. The drums are significantly harder than those of Ward and are very well done.
Then of course there are the vocals, wow the vocals. Dio has an amazing voice for such a small man and he can really belt out music like no other. He can sing softly, like he does on the track Sign of the Southern Cross and at other times he can just wail it out and create a humongous epic and beautiful song. His voice has a power only rivaled by Robert Plant and Bruce Dickinson, most other singers can not match his raw power. Ozzy for example has a great voice, possibly better than Dio's but Dio's is just way more powerful and can give a lot more strength to the songs. The lyrics are pure Black Sabbath they are dark and scary and awesome as it always is with Sabbath.
All in all this is an amazing album with a really great sound. Everything that you need for a great album can be found here. There are fantastic guitar parts, guitar parts that are riffs driven and esxtremely powerful. The bass is also strong and helps the music along often Butler Combines with the drums to create and amazing rhythm section. The drums are harder and totally spectacular. Dio has a voice which can tear down a house, it is simply so powerful. The lyrics are dark and awesome and overall this is just a fantastic Black Sabbath album. My favorite track is Sign of the Southern Cross. Really you should listen to this. Now off to fix my pedal.

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