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Saturday, February 5, 2011

Waynes World

 ROCK ON WAYNE! Today I watched Wayne's World. So I decided to review it because it's Wayne's World and its completely awesome. This movie is often thought of on the same lines as the legendary This is Spinal Tap, a pure rock and roll movie that is simply over the top. Based off the successful SNL skit this is also one of the movies that got Mike Myers career started, which is pretty awesome in my opinion. This movie has an awesome plot, good characters and just a general over the top feel that makes it very funny. The story of this movie is ridiculous and funny because of that, this is a classically over the top SNL movie.
At the beginning of the movie you are introduced to Wayne, he still lives with his parents but he has a cable access show with his friend Garth called Waynes World that he wants to make a living off of. He meets a Cantonese girl named Cassandra while she is playing music at a bar and he falls in love with her. Then the same record agent signs both of them for seperate deals. Wayne is wanted for Waynes World and Cassandra is wanted for her music. The record dealer is only trying to exploit their talents. He ruins the relationship between Cassandra and Wayne as well as the relationship between Wayne and Garth. He tries to steal Cassandra from Wayne and Wayne has to find a way to get her back. The ending is completely and utterly ridiculous.
The movie has a lot of completely over the top scenes, and they are unbelievably funny. The first example is the third scene of the movie, this is the classic Bohemian Raphsody scene, a scene which sets the scene for the rest of the movie. Another example is the classic Foxy Lady scene, where Garth performs the most ridiculous dance ever. A 3rd example is the scene where Wayne denounces selling out while showing off a variety of brand name goods. What I want to say is that it is hilarious to remember all of the scenes from this movie, they are so overblown and huge their very concepts are funny and no dialogue is needed to make it funnier.
All in all this is a fantastic movie with a ton of hilarious scenes. Mike Myers shines and creates a movie that is completely unforgettable and truly hilarious. I love this movie and will probably watch it 5 more times this month. There is a rather generic but hilarious plot which features a great cast of characters, all with very confused personalities. The scenes are just so over done that it they are at times pee-your-pants-funny. Really this is just SNL at it's best, a show with a lot of hilarious scenes that just make my life worth living. I would recommend this movie to literally anybody who knows their music.
OVERALL 9.5/10

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