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Saturday, February 26, 2011

Secondhand Habit

 This current band is a pretty cool Alt Rock/Punk/Psychedelic band with a great sound and awesome lyrics. Also when you say that your band name is Secondhand Habit are you referring to that thing that nuns wear? The instruments are pretty great, the guitar is hard and has some nice riffs. The bass also has a couple good fills. The drums are very good and also have some good bits. Finally there are some well done keyboards. The vocals are pretty good but are made great by the beauty of the lyrics, which are among the best that I've heard from an unsigned band. The guitar is very riff based, basically the guitar will choose a riff and then use that as the basis for the musical portion of the song. The guitar has a couple decent solos but nothing to scream about. The bass is solid but uninspiring, mostly due to a lack of originality. The drums are also solid and also meh, they do their job but they do not scream out I AM AMAZING. The best instrument is the keyboards which do a lot for the band and make the songs a lot richer. The vocals are excellent, the singer is an alto and he makes the songs seem a bit lighter than they normally might. However the thing that makes this album truly shine is the lyrics. Sometimes they make me want to be a rebel and other times they make me want to cry. Sometimes they even manage that in the same song. The best song of theirs lyrically is Lost In the City a beautiful and haunting piece of work. Overall this is a band that has a lot of beauty in their music, in particular in their lyrics. They have solid instruments and vocals. Particularly their keyboards are awesome.. The lyrics are where this band truly shines. That is why I like this band so much, their beautiful lyrics.

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