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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Seeds of Corruption

Matt already did these guys, but they put in a request for a second opinion (along with pete, who I'll take care of later today). "The God who Failed" was the only song that turned out poorly, lacking any truly great riffs on guitar or bass like you'd find on any of the other three songs; the vocals were written somewhat poorly, so the singer sounded to be trying to spew out lyrics faster than the tempo of the song would allow for. "The End" manages to bring things together with vocals that are better as a whole, screams seem more well controlled, and the sound to his voice improves from "The God who Failed" to be more melodic and clear when it needs to be. The guitar work features some cool chainsaw riffs (based on what I'm hearing) and a nice, heavy hook. "Civil Obedience" slows things down, featuring the best bass and vocal work on the album. There are clean vocal passages that might be a bit off key, but the "screaming" is the most well done in all four songs, apparently handling melody better than the clean vocals do. "Washed in Blood" opens with a quieter "acoustic" passage that sounds like In Flames, and even the rest of the song seems to be somewhat similar to In Flames work, best song on the album drum wise. I couldn't tell you how original these guys are; thrash metal isn't something I frequently listen to (no, they are not a -core if your one of the people saying they are, clearly you haven't heard a -core, youtube search chelsea grin or my children my bride for a -core). 8.75 for the execution alone.

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