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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Too Many Notes

Too Many Notes is an instrumental band, so its not for everyone, myself included. I'll try and get past this issue that I have with instrumentals for the review. As for how I would describe the sound, I'd say the first word that comes to mind is "plucky". There are numerous other atypical instruments for a rock band, and everything sounds very staccato, except for the guitar work. The drums are somewhat lacking and a bit boring, but the extra percussion makes up for that and adds texture to the sound. Acoustic guitar is nearly entirely chords, with interludes on electric guitar. There are funk influences, classical, blues, and rock influences, as well as some prog rock / glam metal later on. TMN a really diverse sound. Sax / flute / trombone / trumpet are all done well enough, but aren't very present except for brief little sections (you can sort of hear them in the background, but they seem to be there more for background noise than anything). Finally, the bass is strong, and drives much of the plucky sound. Some of the later songs sound a bit different than the first four, M.U.Y.A. for example, has a really substantial, heavy hard rock feel to it. Everything past that point has a similar sound to the earlier songs, just with a moodier, more emotional sound about things, and a bit more of a stale, cliched prog rock sound (guitar solos get more screechy and "flashy" other instruments start to fade away a bit) as well as a couple sappy ballads. I won't bother to go much further than that because this isn't a genre I frequently deal with. A on the originality, and the execution seemed to be above average, but TMN's material can drone a bit (10 minute songs?!?!?!) and can be a bit boring and uninteresting to those who aren't fans of "experimental" music.

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