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Sunday, February 6, 2011

Steel Trooper

Wow this is an amazing band, they did something unbelievable. I love bands that you can just sing with and these guys you can sing a long to. They are totally and completely awesome. While they are just traditional power metal they are so simply fun that you kind of have to love them. They play nothing that is super original, but they play with such emotion and power and might that you are required to be in love with them. One thing this band does a bit more of than most bands is that they use a bit more tapping than normal power metal bands. The guitar is awesome, it covers all sorts of sounds. The sound is almost Iron Maiden-esque on some tracks. On others they play more straight power metal, but they definitely have the ability to play more than same old stuff. In fact for me their Iron Maiden type stuff is some of their best. The bass has quite a few powerful bass lines that create some awesome music. The drums are powerful and have a nice feel, they make the music powerful. The vocals are phenomenal, sometimes they are just loud and powerful like those of Dio and at other times they are loud and powerful like those of Dickinson, what I mean to say is that they are great, The vocals also are well thought out and nicely executed. Overall this is an incredible power metal band with an awesome sound.

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