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Sunday, February 6, 2011


Today I had a boring job to do, adding html and spicing up the site. Its good to do but really boring. So I listend to this new band S.O.L. Wow... they have a very impressive and very loud sound. Wow.. these guys take alt rock to a whole new level, they have vocals that are a little dirtier than those in traditional alt rock and they end up having awesome results. There are all sorts of genres on this album, from classical music, to thrash metal, but they all generally lean a bit more towards heavy emtal. Essentially these guys are extra heavy alt rock. And they are awesome. The guitars have great riffs, they are just dominant and powerful and have a sound that is out of this world. The guitars also tackle some really nice solos that have a really good sound. The bass does not really shine through but it does help the drums with the rhythm section. The drums are fast and powerful and overall pretty good. The vocals are to die for, they are just spectacular and create an amazing sound for this band. The lyrics are dark and cool as well. All in all this is a band with good instrumentalists and an amazing vocalist.
OVERALL 9.5/10

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