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Thursday, February 3, 2011

They Call Us Legion

 Now I'm reviewing a band with an awesome name, They Call Us Legion, you can not argue that that is pretty awesome. They have an amazing sound which features some really nice guitar riffs. This band has one of the greatest death metal sounds that I have heard in a while. The sounds on this album are completely mindblowing. Everything about this band screams awesome death metal. The guitar is roaring and powerful, not only are there your traditional power chord powered riffs there are also some awesome single note riffs that give each song its own special flavor. The guitars are roaring and in short awesome. The bass is powerful and fast and with the drums creates a good drum section. My favoirte part of this band is the awesome guitar riffs. The vocals are great as well, they go along very nicely with the guitar riffs and create an awesome death metal sound. The death growls are totally awesome and the occasional clean vocals are also spectacular. The lyrics are traditional dark death metal stuff. All in all this is an awesome band with a powerful sound and they just need to keep on trucking because one day they will be awesome.
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