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Thursday, February 3, 2011

Martial Law

 Today I'm reviewing a thrash/speed metal band called Martial Law, which as band names go is pretty cool. They have a hard and fast thrash metal sort of sound. They blow through their songs with fast paced riffs and powerful shrieks from their lead singer. This band has a lot of power and a lot of potential. They play some really awesome heavy metal. The guitar is wailing and powerful. It burns through the songs at an amazing rate. There are some intense solos and a couple most excellent bits of riffage. It hasa bit of a Zakk Wylde feel in places and other times it could be likened to Metallica. All in all the guitar is a beautiful riffing monster. The bass is hard and provides a lot of speed to the music. The bass is a big part of what makes the band so energized sounding. The drums are hard and fast and awesome. They have quite a few excellent drum fills. The vocals are beautiful, however the lead singer should focus less on his growls. While his death growls are very good his regular voice is just so amazing that you have to let it shine through, it has a high piercing and powerful quality, something only mimicked by the rock gods like Dio. The singing is good but if it were clean more often it might be better. Overall this is an excellent band with a lot of potential and a fabulous lead singer, I would recommend them to any metalhead. These guys totally deserve to be signed, they are very powerful and have an awesome sound.
OVERALL 8.5/10

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