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Saturday, February 12, 2011

Under Cover-Ozzy

 Okay, so I wanted to do some Ozzy, also I wanted to listen to other stuff. So I combined the notions and you have today's second review! Yup the album Under Cover, by our beloved friend Ozzy!This album is awesome because it takes some of my favorite 60s and 70s songs and it adds a 80s metal feel. The line up is start studded, it has the guitarist from Alice in Chains and the bassist from The Cult. In short, this is an amazing star studded line up covering amazing songs. The guitar is soaring and powerful and adds a great feel to the songs, the bass is strong and helps the rhythm. The drums are fairly good, but nothing to scream about. All in all this is a really good album featuring a lot of awesome covers.
The guitar on this album is really loud and powerful. This is a solid effort from Jerry Cantrell, he has some solos on this album that simply blow the mind with their might. Cantrell is a dark necromancer calling up the guitar riffs of old legends and turning them into a whole new and powerful creation, a creation filled with malice and might and ready to destroy anything in its path. Yeah, the guitar is that good. The bass is also fairly decent with couple of good fills. IT keeps the groove on with the drums. The drums have a bit of an awkward time trying to find a balance between 60s music and 80s metal, but as a whole it does okay.
The vocals are totally awesome, they are classic Ozzy vocals but it is really weird to hear him singing 'For What It's Worth'. It allows you to see his major influences but it is also odd to contemplate that these songs created the Prince of Darkness. What is probably the strangest selection is In My Life which shows a gentler side of Ozzy as he sings a Beatles song. It is really weird to hear this album but it is also beautiful, because one of the gods of the 80s is paying homage to the gods of the 60s. All in all Ozzy does a good job singing on this album its just vaguely psychedilic. The lyrics are traditional 60s stuff. He chooses quite a few good songs for this album, namely Sympathy for the Devil and Sunshine of your Love.
Overall this is a great album with a unique sound. It is really to here an album of 60s selections with Ozzy singing them and Jerry Castrell adding in amazing 80s style solos. This album has a beautiful aura, it is not a headbanging album, it is more of a nostalgic and sad album. However it is headbanging at times and it does create a really awesome metal aura. However that is not the overall feel of the album, the overall feel is nostalgia and resurrection. The guitar is loud distorted and powerful, the bass is somber and mighty. The drums find a really good balance between hard and light. Then Ozzy has explosive vocals. This album is totally awesome and totally worth a listen.
OVERALL 9.5/10

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