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Friday, February 18, 2011

Emery Down

Tonight I am reviewing a band called Emery Down, they are a metal prog rock band, but they really have a lot of influences. They have a very interesting high powered sound. They combine a lot of screamo vocals with clean bits, however they emphasize on the screamo bits. The guitar sounds is loud and fast, and while not like super amazing it is really nice andadds a good feel to the music. The bass and the drums keep the groove coming. The vocals are usually good, their singer has a really amazing screaming voice and I recommend him to stick with that because his growls are fantastic however his clean singing is just average. The lyrics are also pretty decent and good metal lyrics. The guitar is very much in the death metal genre roaring and plowing through the music in an unbelievable way. I think that a good word to describe the guitar is intense. It creates a really nice death metal sound. The bass mostly helps the drums with the groove. The drummer is a madman with some really amazing fills, he creates a great feel to the music. All in all they are a great band and have a lot of potential, they just need to stick with their growls.

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