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Friday, March 11, 2011

The Flame

 Now I am reviewing a pretty awesome metal group called The Flame. They have a sick name and cool cover art. They have a killer sound with some awesome roaring guitar and a powerful bass. Then there are the spot on drums and finally the cool vocals. The guitar is good because of its 'Rock and Roll energy', A lot of guitarists don't have the same energy as this guy. My one piece of advice would be to turn the guitar up on the mastered editions as it is awesome but needs to shine more. The bass is excellent, it has some pretty cool standard fills. The drums have a nice feel and are more than just 16ths on the Toms. Finally the vocals are well done, while they don't have the sheer beauty of those of Dio or Ozzy they still have the energy and passion behind their singing. The vocals are bit spoken but it has a good feel. The lyrics are black and pure heavy metal, in essence very enjoyable. All in all this is a pretty nice band with a nice sound that I would like to hear more of. However they could make their vocals a bit more melodic and raise the guitar's volume.
OVERALL 8.5/10

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