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Friday, March 11, 2011

Sworn In

 Now I am reviewing a pretty cool hardcore band called, Sworn In, which is a decent band name but sounds a bit to official. May I suggest Sworn into Hades? Asides from that they have a cool sound. The guitar is excellent with a lot of impressive solos and some classic hardcore riffs driving it along. The bass is okay, if a bit uninspired, the drums are powerful and pretty creative and cool, finally the vocals and lyrics are both really well done. The guitar is good because of it's excellent riffs and its synchronizing with the vocals. Also the guitar has some cool solos so that gives it points too. The drums are creative and very enjoyable they experiment with some unique sounds. Last of all the vocals are great sounding, they are a bit higher than the greatest death growls but they are still very good and give the music an amazingly angry feel. Finally the lyrics are interesting and cover a lot of topics and are overall well done. Overall this is a killer band with an impressive sound that I would like to hear more of.
OVERALL 8.5/10

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