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Saturday, March 5, 2011

Fragments of I-Frozen Infinity

 This afternoon I am reviewing a Melodic Death Metal band called Frozen Infinity they just released their first album and from talking with their frontman on the internet, these guys seem to love making music. This band has an incredible melodic death metal sound and it just makes me smile to hear these guys ripping out some beautiful riffs. The guitars are solid and powerful and create a really full feel to the music. The bass is steady and fills out the sound helping to create a wall of sound. The keyboards are excellent adding an epic and orchestral feel to the music. The drums are fast and hard hitting driving the music at insane speeds. The vocals are deep and growly and amazing, they create an awesome sound for the music. Finally the lyrics are dark and epic. This is an awesome album folks, go listen.
The guitar is roaring and powerful, there are some spectacular soaring solos and some chunky crusty mighty riffs. The solos often rely on tapping and sweep picking but they are perfectly done and the guitarists soloing fingers fly across the fretboard like a bee and making the notes flow together to create an awesome sound. What I am trying to say is that this album has some kicking solos. The rhythm guitar has a lot of really chunky riffs that are staples of the melodic death metal genre and they provide a good feel to the music. The bass is powerful and fast creating some great noises. Lastly the drums are extremely fast and amazing to listen to. Together the instruments create a beautiful and melodic whole. All in all the instrumentalists of Frozen Infinity are all extremely talented.
The growls on this album are incredible, they are deep and powerful. Personally I think that deep and powerful growls are the best, for me deep growls are the essence of death metal. Lighter growls have their plusses but in a death metal songs you can not beat a good old power deep death growl and this guy has an awesome growl. The sheer power of this growl is insane. The singer tries some cleaner singing too (aka about as clean as Venom's). These cleaner bits are also well done and fit in well with the music. The lyrics are pure death metal, they are dark and powerful and scream about darker subjects like war and Satan. Essentially the lyrics are classic Death Metal lyrics and thus excellent.
Overall this is a killer melodic death metal band that I would love to see more of. They have a great high powered sound that I could listen too all day. It is simply awesome, these guys take everything I love about melodic death metal and they just do it right. The guitars are roaring and powerful, the bass has a killer sound and the keyboards are wonderfully melodic. The drums are solid and drive a blazingly fast beat. The vocals are spectacular deep and powerful like all good growls should be. The lyrics are classic death metal and you gotta love em for their sheer energy and darkness. All in all this is a killer band that I can not wait to see more of.
OVERALL 9.5/10

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