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Saturday, March 5, 2011

Sea of Cowards

 It's morning here so I woke up, then I decided to write a review of one of the greatest albums of 2010. The band I am reviewing is Jack White's Dead Weather. This album constitutes of some of the heaviest stuff that Jack White has ever done. One could describe this group as being a heavier version of the White Stripes. The guitar is solid and often being a great fusion of heavy metal and the blues. The bass is very well done with some great fills. The keyboards are often present and have a great sound. Finally the drums are pretty original. All in all this is a good album, however they often sound a bit to much like the White Stripes.
The guitar work of Jack White is fairly unique however upon carefully listening to this album I felt that the riffs were a bit to much like the White Stripes. At times it feels like White just took a Stripes riff and embellished it a little to get his riffs for this song. The most unique part is the use of guitar squeals on this album that make the music seem crazy. The bass is great mostly because it frequently gets some really nice Yardbirds style fills. The keyboards are excellent they add a great feel to the music mostly because their alternating keyboardists are so talented and versatile. However on occasion the piano got a bit too repetitive. The drums are original they get a lot of unique fills and use the cowbell a lot. So yeah, the drums are pretty cool.
The vocals are very solid, Dead Weather is excellent at using their two vocalists to create a variety of musical feels. The vocalists seem to share the singing about 50/50 so I will review them both. Jack White's vocals are excellent and always unique, however when he tries to imitate Dylan to much he becomes just a meh vocalist. However when he uses his own style he is good as gold. Alison Mosshart has a great voice and a nice last name. She is always a good singer and can make heavy songs have a lighter feel. Her voice reminds me a bit of Patty Griffiths (touring with the Band of Joy). The lyrics are pretty typical of White. They are often critical of individual people. Another topic of his songs is sadness, which is of course a classic White lyric topic.
All in all this is a pretty awesome album with a good and full sound. This record has everything that makes a Jack White record good, however it occasionally falls a bit short of the mark. The guitar riffs are good, however some sound a bit too much like those from the Stripes. Also there is a dearth of guitar solos. The bass is solid and gets some nice fills, and the keyboards are excellent and provide a great feel to the music. Finally the drums are original and a great listen. The vocals from both vocalists are very solid and add a lot to the music. This is a great album fusing blues and metal and it is an excellent listen, I would recommend it to any hard rock fan.
OVERALL 8.5/10

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