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Saturday, March 12, 2011

Get Behind Me Satan

 Now I am reviewing one of the first ever albums I heard in it's entirety, it remember the album cover, I heard it in last period Ceramics class. I was like 11. This album takes me back to those good ol' middle school days at that performing arts school, actually I loathed them, so nevermind. Anyway, this is a classic White Stripes album with some awesome guitar, and great drums in addition there are some decent keyboards. Of course Jack White's voice is awesome as always, and his lyrics are varied to say the least. Jack White shows his true genius by showing his ability to cover all different genres on this album and that is a big part of what makes it awesome.
The guitar work on this album is mindblowing as anything done by White is. White cracks open some riffs that are like... wow, this man is a golden god. White has the amazing ability to cover a variety of genres on just one album. He can do punk, folk, blues, alt rock and heavy metal, essentially the guitar is some of the most eclectic work you will ever hear. The drums of Meg are interesting because while never overly complicated they serve perfectly for accentuating the music and giving it a nice feel. The keyboards are beautiful and often have a nice jazz feel. Together the instruments create powerful and beautiful combinations that makes this album awesome.
Jack has vocals that are like... wow. I remember hearing this when I was 11 and was like, wow this guy has a weird voice. However when I was 11 I didn't really have taste so I did not realize that I was listening to one of the most amazing bluesmen of the 21st century. He has a high pitched alto voice and it is unique because it does not need power behind it to make it rock. It just has it's own special beauty. His spoken bits are pretty folksy and inspiring and add a lot to the music. His lyrics are great and most typically talk about love. However, he also discusses religious concepts, other times his lyrics are psychedelic like in his song “The Nurse”.
All in all this is an excellent album featuring a lot of the more folksy stuff that Jack White has written. This album has some amazing guitar parts, the best part of the guitar is how eclectic it is however there are also some excellent solos carrying on the true tradition of Jack White being a guitar god. The drums of Meg are very simply done however they have a great way of accentuating the music. Finally the keyboards rock and provide an awesome feel to the music and make me feel like I am sitting in some cool music hall with punk piano. Overall this is a killer album with great replay value and I encourage you to buy it.
OVERALL 9.75/10