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Saturday, March 12, 2011

Pride and Glory-Zakk Wylde

 Now I am reviewing Zakk Wylde's Southern Rock album, Pride & Glory, on this album Zakk takes some extremely heavy riffs and gives them a great southern rock feel to create some really kicking rock and roll. There is are some really powerful ostinatos, and melodic solos, in addition there are cool mandolin parts. There is also some solid bass work as well as some steady southern styled drums. Finally Zakk's singing is great and really capitalizes on his spectacularly deep and powerful voice. He covers a lot of southern rock folksy topics. Overall this is a great Zakk Wylde album you should really listen too, if only for the guitars.
The guitar is mostly comprised of southern rock riffs featuring some major overdrive. The southern rock riffs are given a bit of a thrash treatment so that this can truly qualiffy as an album by Zakk Wylde. All in all there are some pretty awesome riffs here that remind me of the riffs that Pantera was creating at the time, however they don't have the fierce energy that Dimebag had. The solos are excellent and one of the big things that capture the southern rock feel of this album. The other instrument that truly caputres a southern rock feel on this album is the mandolin with it's folksy charm and its beautiful southern rock sound. Then there is the rock steady, if uninspired bass. Finally the drums are excellent, they focus a lot on the cowbell and help to give the music a great southern rock feel.
The vocals of Wylde are deep and powerful and have a certain southern charm on them in this album that you don't hear in his other work. This works really well for him and allows him to create a killer album with some amazing gravelly bass vocals. His vocals create new frontiers, what I mean to say is that his vocals are those of a Norse God creating worlds of sound that blast through the humble ears of the listener. The lyrics that Wylde writes are primarily southern rock in nature and cover a lot of folksy down on the farm topics and help provide a southern rock feel, of course this is contrasted by heavy and powerful vocals.
All in all this is an awesome southern rock album featuring some great Zakk Wylde songs. This album has a Pantera feel and combines elements of heavy metal and southern rock. There is some awesome guitar work, guitars drowned in overdrive creating amazing southern inspired riffs. Then there are the beautiful slide guitar solos of Wylde. The mandolin also provides a good folk rock feel, with its down home solos. The bass is uninspiring but solid and the drums are pretty good, featuring a lot of cowbell. Overall this is a very good listen for any metal head or southern rock fan, and it has a lot of replay value.

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