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Friday, May 20, 2011

[Mimas] Attack

So this evening I will present to you [MIMAS] Attack. They are an alt rock band and they have a pretty steady sound that is very enjoyable. This band has an excellent sound and they are a pleasure to listen too. The guitar has a nice riffing feel. There are excellent combinations of full out chords and some killer riffs. For me the ostenatos on the guitar are excellent and takes the music to an entirely new level. The bass is solid and has a couple decent fills, overall though it does a good job as a rhythm instrument. The drums provide an amazing sense of rhythm to this group, the drum fills are usually creative and they always have a really great feel. Listening to the combination of instruments on this album I just want to smile. The vocal side of the band is incredible as well and I truly enjoy it. The singer of this group has a good voice, it is certainly a cut above average to say the least. With his rocking tones the lead singer brings out a lot of the soul of the group with some excellent lyrics. The lyrics are typically about nonsense topics but they seem to have a punk base. Overall this is an excellent group with a great sound and I really hope that they become more known and a lot more popular than they currently are. These guys clearly have the talent to get signed and their music brings joy to me.
OVERALL 9.5/10

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