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Friday, May 20, 2011

One Glimpse Away

So tonight I am back on track doing unsigned reviews because I couldn't get the Hammerfall album. Tonight's first band is an extremely heavy alt grunge group called One Glimpse Away. There sound is powerful and they have some pretty epic and enjoyable choruses. The guitar sound is excellent, there is a roaring quality here that makes me smile. The solos are also reasonable and quite a bit to the music. I especially like the use of the wah on some songs. The bass is steady but could do with more fills. One of the most notable bass parts is in the song On My Wings of Sin The drums are solid and have some decent fills. Still they could be a tad more original. Overall though the rhythm section is extremely tight and adds quite a bit to the music. All in all the instruments are good because even though they are often brutal there are clearly some excellent acoustic parts. The vocals are average, they could be better but they are still okay. Overall the vocals feel very straight up and no-nonsense. The raw feel of the vocal helps to give a grunge atmosphere to the music. The lyrics are pretty dark and overall pretty enjoyable. Often the choruses are huge and this makes the music feel a lot more powerful. All in all this is a good group which has both loud roaring anthems and beautiful acoustic bits. To finish I would recommend that you give them a listen, its probably worth it.
OVERALL 7.5/10

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  1. Beautiful and astute review. The songwriting is excellent and the band has its own sound.