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Saturday, May 7, 2011


Now I am doing what will probably be the last review of the night. I am reviewing a progressive metal band called Revelation and they have some pretty epic sounds.They have an incredible sound and I am extremely impressed with them. Their songs start out slowly and then evolve into epic masterpieces, much in the same that Iron Maiden does. We'll start off with the guitar sound which is intense. The guitarist of this band is incredibly skilled and is excellent at using his instrument. He has some killer riffs in this EP and he has some mind blowing solos. The solos seem to be some sort of cross between Dave Murray and Jimmy Page and they retain their own special magic, in short they are completely awesome. The bass is also solid getting some cool fills now and then and making me smile. The drums are incredibly varied and original. The drummer on this record is highly skilled and definitely pro-level. Finally the vocals are wonderful, the female vocalist reminds quite a bit of the singer from NightWish. Their voices are very similar and they are both excellent. Finally the lyrics are fairly well done and often mythic. All in all this is a pretty cool band with a great prog metal sound, these guys rock.

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