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Saturday, May 7, 2011


He thought he could sleep! but no... another review. Fortunately this rock band Neverblu is pretty cool. They have a sound that takes straight up rock and touches it with bits of pop-punk. Overall this band has a pretty nice sound. The guitarist has quite a few decent riffs that sound very nice to my ears. Its overall effect in the music is excellent. While most of the songs are based on one riff their are evolutions and expansions on it. Still a tad more creativity might help the overall sound. The bass is pretty steady but nothing spectacular. It combines nicely with the drums to create a good rhythm section. The drums are solid but not incredibly original, still they are a decent listen. The vocals are excellent, the singer of this band has the remarkable ability to sound like more than he is. When he is really letting loose the music attains an incredible new level. For some reasons this guys vocals really click with me. His lyrics are also pretty good and enjoyable listening. Overall this is a decent rock band with a great sound and an incredible lead singer.
OVERALL 8.5/10

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